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The Jewish Messianic Congregation Beit Moriyah is organized as an association and has the following aims:


  • Offer regular Jewish messianic services and Shiurim (teaching hours);
  • Spreading of the Ha'Besorah (Good News) of Yeshua ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ);
  • Maintenance and promotion of messianic-Jewish life according to the Torah (Five Books of Moses) as well as the Neviim (prophets), Chetuvim (writings) and Brit Chadasha (New Testament);
  • Maintenance of the fellowship among the members of the association;
  • Support for orphans, widows, poor people, other needy people as well as organizations and projects to spread the ha'Besorah of Yeshua ha'Mashiach


Would you like to join our associaton? Two forms of membership are possible:


Full Membership

Anyone can become a member of the Jewish Messianic Congregation Beit Moriyah, if he/she believes in Yeshua as Messiah Lord and Savior, lives according to the instructions of ha'Shem (Tanach and Brit Chadasha), consent to our faith confession and have an interest in the achievement of our aims. The members of the association are part of the general assembly, the highest organ of the association. The membership fee is CHF 300 per year.


In order to become a member, you must attend our synagogue services regularly for at least three months and successfully complete the membership course. 


Solidarity Membership

The solidarity membership is open to anyone who wants to support the Jewish Messianic Congregation Beit Moriyah. The minimal amount of the contribution for solidarity members is CHF 50 per year. Solidarity members are regularly informed about our activities.




Full Membership Application


Solidarity Membership Application