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How to support the Jewish Messianic Congregation Beit Moriyah


In order to follow G-d`s call and build the first Jewish Messianic Congregation in Switzerland, ha'Shem asks us for great trust. We do not know where the path leads us and what obstacles or support we will encounter, but we are sure that our eternal G-d will provide us with everything we need.

If you would like to support the vision of a Jewish Messianic Presence in Switzerland, we are looking forward to welcome you as a solidarity member with a minimum contribution of CHF 50 per year. In addition, we are very grateful for every donation.


We are also praying for an generous donor who provides us with a kosher Sefer Torah.


Our Bank Account:


Name:                                                  Messianische Gemeinschaft Beit Moriyah

Konto Nr:                                             89-864319-5

IBAN:                                                   CH09 0900 0000 8986 4319 5